Our Team


The Management

  • Girish Bhat Managing Director
  • Vivek Velani Events Director
  • Mohit Bhandawat Finance Director

The Event Producers

  • Anu Thomas Client Services Manager
  • Ceirah Hutchison Sr. Event Producer
  • Darren Hoare Event Producer
  • Peter Green Manager: Live Events
  • Saif Ali Khan Sr. Event Manager

The Production

  • Burgess Elavia Production Manager
  • Sonu A.B. Sr. Production Manager
  • Suhail Maitreya Event Producer: Production

The Backbone

  • Ahmed Samy Sr. Creative Designer
  • Assem Ali Sr. Creative Designer
  • Nazafi Ugail Sr. Creative Designer
  • Manuel Librea Graphic Designer
  • Kush Agarwal Procurement/Event Executive